Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trials and Tribulations of Summer Living

Well, the last time I posted, I was marvelling that it was only 5 days until the end of school, and here we are at the end of July. This summer has flown by! We have been keeping very busy. The kids had a week off of school and then went off to camp for a week. Another week off, and we went to the cottage, this week off, and we go camping. Another week off and the kids are back at camp.

The good news is that Ty got accepted into the CIP program, so he is there 3 mornings a week for six weeks this summer as well. It's nice to break up the summer, and keeps the kidlets from being bored.

I was full of ambition at the beginning of the summer...I was going to have the kids doing math and reading and writing everyday to gear up for the fall and I have to admit that I've fallen down on that one big time. Well, there's still August...right?

Last week we spent near Huntsville at our friends' cottage. The weather was decent; I got my typical sunburn (and resulting lecture from a friend) and of course was eaten alive by insects. It was all good. Spent the week with my sister-in-law and her family and had a lot of fun.

This is not to say that the vacation was without disaster. Oh no. Lots of little ones, actually. Broken glass, crayoned walls, ripped-off hinges were the least of them. The biggies were Ty discovering a nest of leeches, and being covered with them from toes to knees. I lost count at 37, but I am guessing there were up to 60. Bring on the salt! He wasn't bothered by them, but I tell ya, those little suckers make you bleed like a pig!

The biggest crisis occured shortly before this, when Keegan called from within the cottage that he was bleeding. I thought maybe he had a nosebleed, or that a leech had gotten to him too, but no. When I got inside, his foot was covered in blood. When I mopped it up, the top of his foot from toe cleavage upward 2 inches was splayed open like someone had taken a fillet knife to it. Eeps! (To this day, we nor Keegan have any idea how this cut happened).

We took him to the ER in Huntsville. Lovely place, by the way. Very friendly staff. I think they all moonlight at the hospitality office..."Oh, vacationing? How lovely. How are you enjoying it so far?" etc... Anyway, triage was speedy and we were out in an hour. The doctor was prepared to do stitches, but because he had been in the lake, there was a possibility of sealing in bacteria if they stitched or glued it shut. So they just used cloth tape stitches (steri-strips) to close it and told us to keep it dry for 5 days. So much for swimming. Luckily this happened the day before we left. I took the bandage off today, and it looks pretty gross still, so I'm taking him the dr's tomorrow to get it re-looked at.

Friends and family have suggested just sealing all three kids in a bubble and be done with the stress, but that's all a part of raising three boys, right? Right?

So, no sooner have I unpacked, done 1549 loads of laundry and put it all away, than I have to start all over again to go camping this weekend. For Ty's sake, I hope this lake is leech free!


On a separate note, I can't say that I ever really look forward to August anymore. Not only is it the anniversary of my mother's death, but also her birthday, and the memories, the sadness, and the never-ending longing to see her, come back with full force. Maybe all of the crazy child behaviour is just their loving way of distracting me?

And soon enough it will be September. Ty will be in 5 mornings a week at preschool, and Phoenix and Keegan will be in full-time (grades 3 and 1 respectively). The sad part is that with all of this "free" time I will have, my husband is sure to expect that I actually get some work done around here, instead of lounging around, reading romance novels and eating bon bons like I believe he thinks I currently spend my days...stay tuned.

Hope your summer is and has been sunny and happy, and that no traumas big or small have befallen you. Take care.