Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Endings and Beginnings


  • today is Keegan's last day of preschool. I packed him off this morning with presents for his two teachers and beloved bus driver
  • potty training! Keegan finally got the hang of things (thanks to many Thomas the train-related bribes)
  • tomorrow is Phoenix's last day of Senior Kindergarten. He did very well on his report card, and his teacher gave me a whack of homework to do with him over the summer to bring up his numeracy comprehension before the start of grade one
  • tomorrow is my last day of two-kid days


  • summertime, summertime, summer summer summertime! Not having to rush and get a kid off to school is going to be great! At least for two weeks... when Keegan starts his CIP classes, a 6-week program of intense behaviour, language, socialization and sensory therapy. This runs for 2 hours, 3 days a week. God bless Christy, who will be watching Bun and Tiggs while we attend.
  • family fun days! Mark has every second Friday off, and we intend to use these to our advantage to have family days, where we take off to the far reaches of Ontario to have adventure. This week, we will be joined by our friends Dave and Teresa, and their cutie girl kidlets.
  • teaching Keegan his letters. He already knows them all verbally, and by sight, but I am determined to have him writing at least his name by the end of summer. He's bright, so I'm sure we'll get 'er done.
  • helping Phoenix to learn all of his sight words with the goal of him reading a book all by himself by the end of summer. We will also start a journal, where he can write about what he did during the week
  • encouraging Ty to say some new words, like maybe, Mom? Phoenix and Keegs have already started by trying to teach him to say llama.

Well, I guess those are enough goals to tide us over for a while. Should be a fun weekend. My friend Leanne invited me and Phoenix and Keegan to the Blue Jays game on Saturday. The boys are inside-out with excitement at the idea of riding the train into the city. We are looking forard to it. Hope everyone (Canadian) has a great Canada Day weekend, and happy July 4th to all American readers in advance for whatever it is that you celebrate on that day. Oh yeah, BBQ's ,beer and fireworks, right? Not so different from us. Except maybe that our beer is stronger.

Happy impending holiday everybody!

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