Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey! The Spring/Summer Weather Stopped By...With Squirrel Vandals Included

Yes, spring/summer weather stopped by on the weekend, bringing with it loads of sunshine and gorgeous warmth. Got my first burn of the season!
And with the warm weather came hubby's desire to get cracking on the yard work. And thought, hmm. Maybe I'll take Ty out for a bike-ride later, and went to go get the bike trailer out of the shed...only to find: a nest of baby squirrels.
I'll say right off that these little guys are cute buggers, but their mom was most destructive to our bike trailer. Chewed the absolute crap out of it. And guess what, none of the parts that were destroyed are considered "replaceable parts" by Little Tikes, so we are screwed. Pissed us off, I tell you.
We took the trailer out into the open, and at dusk, watched with relief as momma squirrel came and took her babies to a new nesting ground. Oh, and did I mention that destructo-squirrel chewed a hub-cab sized hole through 2 layers of Rubbermaid plastic to get into the shed? Arrrrgh!

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