Monday, August 21, 2006

Blog Filler...Feel Free To Move On

Well, the count-down to school is officially on (15 days!) Phoenix his new Superman backpack with matching lunch bag, so he's happy. I had discovered $250 worth of GAP gift certificates lurking in my kitchen a few weeks ago, so the boys have some nice back to school wear.

This Friday I am meeting with Keegan's resource worker. She will be the one going into his preschool to work on his various issues. So I now have to come up with a series of goals for her to work on with him over the next three months.

Also discovered a gift certificate that my Dad had given Mark and I for Christmas for Stage West dinner theatre. We are going next week to see the Buddy Holly Story. Should be fun, and the food is always really good there.

On Wednesday, I'm finally hooking up with my friends Alison and Teresa and their daughters. It has been such a busy summer, that with our various holidays, we've been missing each other.

On Saturday I had left a post wishing my eldest brother Tommy a happy 43rd birthday. He was quick to respond that he was only 42, thank you very least now I know he reads the blog;). I have since corrected. Sorry, brotha!

I can't believe how busy August is for birthdays. 3 cousins, 1 brother, two friends' kids, one grandparent, two friends, and a brother-in-law. Busy fall for those people's parents!

Mark's grandfather, if I'm not mistaken, will be 95 this Friday. Wow! Power to ya, Dzia Dzia!

That's about it for now. No exciting news, really. Pretty boring post. Feel free to erase it from your mind....NOW!

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