Saturday, November 17, 2007

Poetry Corner by Two of My Favourite People

The first poem is by my son, Phoenix, called, "On the Night I Was Born".

On the night that I was born,
the whole world came alive with thanksgiving.
Trees were swaying and the
stars were dancing.
And it rained all night, and its
boom was like a drum.
On the night that I was born, I brought wonder
and magic to the world.

The second poem I would like to share, is by my talented friend Christy. She wrote this poem and gave it to me for my birthday, stating that although it wasn't entirely about me, she felt it captured the essence of me. I love it:


Love has big blue eyes, blonde hair and hot pink,
crescent moon-shaped earrings.
She has a wide ass and two rolls of fat over the top
of her black jeans.
She can pick up small objects with her pretty blue-painted toes.
Talk to her--it's so easy.
She smiles, looks in my eyes and slowly takes my hands in hers. Her hands are large and warm.
She likes to dance.
She whispers a secret in my ear.
We cook Kraft Dinner. We eat.
We study the colour orange.
After, it's time to walk the dog.

(And to be fair, I only have one roll of fat...)

Thank you both for such lovely words.

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