Friday, April 21, 2006

I Need Some Names...

Okay blog readers, I need some! I'm not pregnant! Just the owner of three new fish that need cool names...

They are telescope goldfish, which basically means that they are white with black and orange splotches and huge, bulgy black eyes that look like they've gone 12 rounds with a bad-ass boxer-fish. So, step up to the plate, creative ones, and give me some ideas...winning names will be posted with photos of the fish!

Felt like we spent the whole day shopping today! This morning, while Keegs was at school, Mark, Bun, Ty and I headed off to Costco, did a bit of wallet-damage there, and then headed over to Pet-Smart, where we picked up a fresh load of goldfish for our pond (or should I say raccoon food, since it is a popular late-night dining spot for them...), and my three new fishies. Then we headed home to pick up Keegs, had some lunch and then went on a field trip to Toys R Us, where I did a bit more damage. Managed to pick up some items that the kids didn't notice for the boys' upcoming birthdays, so that was cool. Also, slid over to Babies R Us, and got a new "manly-looking" diaper bag, and some jammies for Tiggs.

Upside, we spent a nice family day. Downside, missed naps for Ty and Keegs, so we had a few crankos in the house around dinner time. Upside, Ty got the giggles during dessert and had us all falling over in our chairs with hysteria as we all joined in. Pretty damned cute, let me tell you.

Now that Easter is over, it is my turn to host some sort of family event, so it's batter up for Keegs 4th birthday and Ty's first. As their b-days are only 6 days apart, we'll be celebrating them together, as we will until Keegs is old enough to bitch about wanting his own day;) .

Well, Mark's in the studio practicing for his upcoming show with his band, the kiddies are sleeping, and the fish are all fed, so, I am going to settle down on the couch with a cup of tea, and watch several episodes of season 3 of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

PS. Congrats to Dianna and Jon, who welcomed their first baby into the world last week, William Henry (Will). He's a doll! Good job, guys!


Tom said...

here'some names..

One-fish,two-fish,red-fish blue fish. or Tom, Paul or Mike..

cyndi said...

How about Bubbles, Hiccups, and Mike


Lori said...

How about Phoenix, Keegan and Ty? Or Bun, Keegs and Tyger?