Monday, April 10, 2006


First of all, a big "WOWZERS!" and congrats to my cyber-pal Jenny, who just announced her pregnancy!!! The wowzer bit is that, in addition to a kindergardener, she also has a baby of less than a year...yeah, I know. Bit of a surprise, I think. But, my mom had Tommy and Paul 18 months apart, and still had the guts to have two more kids, so power to ya, Jenns!

I am having an extremely bad hand day. I am typing with my left hand only, because bending the fingers on my right hand would cause a tidal wave of blood to sweep the keyboard "Y" through "?". Ouchie. It was bad when I woke up, but made considerably worse by doing two loads of dishes, and washing and folding 6 loads of laundry and bathing three kids. Man, I swear, I keep band-aid brand in business these days. I should take out stock...

To top off my stellar day, I had a dental appointment and was told that I have not one, but two cavities, plus a chipped tooth that "really should be repaired...". Yeah. So, between my check-up and Phoenix's, that bill was $220, and that's not including my fillings and repair work scheduled for Thursday. Kripes. Crappy time to not have dental insurance, let me tell ya!

Mark went on a whirlwind of house chores this weekend. The first thing we tackled was rearranging the boys' room. We had bunk beds set up, with Phoenix on the bottom, and Keegan was in a toddler bed. We were going to move Phoenix to the top bunk, but then thought that the bigger worry was Keegs + a ladder, so we opted to lift and separate. So now they have side by side Bert and Ernie style furniture. Of course, after this was done, their old dressers (which we had planned to replace since they don't match anything anyway) didn't fit back into the room. So, Mark went out and bought a beautiful pine 8-drawer dresser. Which he had to assemble. So after all that was done, they boys were very happy with their new bedroom situation, and Keegs now sleeps in his OWN bed, instead of crawling into Phoenix's or ours.

Then he decided to tackle the overflow of Rubbermaid containers full of clothes in the closets. He went out and bought 4 closet organizers with drawers, so now everything is neat and organized in the bedrooms.

Apparently, that wasn't enough work for him. He then decided to take on the backyard, and trimmed back the trees and shrubbery, mowed and edged the lawns, turned over and composted the gardens, and cleaned the gutters. Finished? Hell, no! Then he gets it into his head to move the fish pond from one part of the yard to the other. Mud city! But, when all was said and done, it all looked great, and he felt he could relax in chores (outdoors at least) for the next few weekends. And with all of that dirt and mud to play in, the boys were as happy as pigs in the proverbial.

Oh yeah, then he made dinner. I love my husband! He makes a great wife...

On the Tyger front, he is the proud owner of a new tooth (bottom right) to bring his running tooth total up to 5. And he took 3 three unassisted steps to me today!!! Damn, he's just too cute! I love that kid!

Keegan is still loving school, and his teachers report back to me daily about how well he shares, and how polite he is! (Excuse me? Where is my son, and what have you done to him?) Nice to know that my manners and sharing drills are taking effect somewhere, if not at home. Actually, I shouldn't say that. His manners are quite exemplary for his age. It's the sharing at home that he sucks at...

Well, I guess I should wrap things up before carpal tunnel syndrome sets in. TTFN!


Lori said...

GET RUBBER GLOVES! They're great for cleaning and doing dishes. Wouldn't recommend it for bathing the kids LOL! Hailey has 4 teeth now and seems to be working on more. I will be glad when teething is over!

JuJuBee said...

Thanks for the sweet mention! Anyone interested a nanny position?! Also...please ask your hubby to give mine a course in housework...I'd be forever grateful.