Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's Not My Name!

My Dad came over the other day to pick something up, and had his co-worker with him. He introduced her as Margaret. She said, "Michelle!" I laughed at Dad, and said, "Hey, I'm the Margaret, remember?" Michelle said, "I thought your name was Shannon?" I said, "Yes, it is..."

Flashback to the summer of 1991, when I was working in the same office building as my Dad. I had stopped into his office to say hi before my shift, and a woman tapped me on the shoulder. She said, "I say hello to you every day, and you never acknowledge me!" I was quite embarrassed and apologised. She said, "I always say, Hi Margaret! But you keep on walking." I just smiled at her and said, "Well, no wonder! My name isn't Margaret!" She said that she always heard my Dad call me Margaret. "Well, he's the only one who does. Anyone else calls me that, I just figure he's talking to someone else!"

If you haven't figured it out yet, my middle name is Margaret. Dad has always called my that, and has, throughout my life, caused confusion to all of my friends...I guess some things never change!

I bought a new vacuum a few weeks ago. This thing is awesome. It's one of those cyclone bagless jobs, that shows you all of the disgusting stuff that lives in your carpet. I read somewhere recently that the average vacuum picks up 40 pounds of dust per year! Eww! No wonder we have such allergies! But no more. This sucker is being put to the test around here...after all, I've stated before that I am a crappy housekeeper, and tend to dust only when the kids start practicing writing their letters in the tabletops. Today I went on a dusting frenzy and actually ran out of Swiffer sheets, so the top floor will have to wait until I buy more. Note to self: take a Benedryl soon...
Keegs finally got picked up for speech therapy and goes for his initial assessment on April 18th. Yay! Jeez, only been on the waiting list for seven months for that one! Poor kid seems to always be going to one doctor's appointment or the other. It's at the point now where we get dressed to go in the car, and he says, "We're going to the doctor, Mommy?" Sadly, more often than not, I've been saying, "Yes, sweetie!"
Tim Horton's update: so far in this Roll Up The Rim To Win season, I have won 6 coffees and 4 doughnuts. It's no car, tv, bbq or cash, but it is also more than I have won any other year!
I ran away from home last night and went to the mall. You would be proud! For once, I actually bought myself something! A skirt, 4 tops, a pair of capri pants and two pairs of pantyhose. Oh, and a black, knee-length belted trench coat. (I'm still suffering from shopper guilt I did buy a shirt for Mark and 3 pairs of pyjamas for Ty. Plus a cartload of Easter crap for all of the cousins. This Easter is at my sister-in-law's house, and she's expecting 30 people. What's worse than that, is that next year it's here!!!!
Well, I guess I'd better go and clean something while Keegs is still at school and Ty is still sleeping...c ya.

PS A very Happy Birthday to my nephew LUCAS!!!!


Lori said...

Another new vacuum? What happened to the last one?

Shannon said...

Still at the shop awaiting a new beater's been there three weeks. I couldn't go that long without one. So when we finally get it back, we'll leave it out in the studio to clean in there.