Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Big 0-1!!!

Happy Birthday Ty! You are one year old today! Boy, did that year go fast...with several false labours, you finally arrived with minimal fuss, and great joy. How happy we were to finally meet you! And your brothers were so excited to have a new boy in the house.

People generally have a hard time deciding who you look like, and it's no wonder! Everyday, you seem to change. When you were a newborn, you looked just like Keegan, and at 8 months, just like Phoenix, and now you are a combination of the two that is ultimately TY. Your hair is the colour and texture of cornsilk, yet when you were younger, we held out hopes for red. Your beautiful eyes are like your great-aunt Susan's, blue one minute and grey the next. Your smile is daily reminder to me of your Uncle Tommy, but your laugh is truly your own.

You are a sweet, good natured little guy. You blessed my tired soul by sleeping through the night at 7 weeks! I thought that babies that did that were urban legends until you arrived! You always have a 6-toothy grin for everyone you see (especially the girls!) and still love a bedtime snuggle.

Yesterday you woke up from your nap, and decided that you could walk, and went from one side of the room to the other without your familiar furniture hand-holds. Of course, you promptly fell on your butt, but I'm sure you were just startled by my enthusiastic cheering! Chasing after you will shake those extra pounds off of me, I'm sure!

Happy, happy birthday, my little Tyger. I wish you love and happiness and a whole new vocabulary (which now only consists of Mama, Dada and the constant "NO!") as you venture into your second year.




JuJuBee said...

Happy Birthday, Ty!!

Shannon said...

Ty says: Hey Jenny, how YOU doin'?" (wink, wink)

radiogurl said...

Is that the teddy bear shirt I bought Phoenix so many moons ago?

Shannon said...

It is! The joy of hand-me-downs!