Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Could It Be? A Cake-Free Week?

It seems like all I have been doing all month is baking cakes. A Barbie cake for the school raffle, a Saturn cake for Keegs, a Pocoyo cake for Ty...now I have a blessed week off. Until next week, that is, when I am making another one. My next cake venture is for my friend Teresa, who, with 6 of her friends, are raising money for the Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer. They have each pledged to raise $2000, a total of $14,000 for their team. Good luck guys! In the spirit of their fundraising event, I am going to be making a cake modelled on my very own double D's. Anything for charity!

Looks like we may finally get some warm weather in the coming week. It has been wicked cold these last few days. I was pulling out the hats and mitts for the boys over the weekend. By Saturday we are supposed to have sun and 26C, which will be awesome for the FSRT Rubber Duck Race that day.

Keegan resumes language therapy on Thursday, where we will meet with his therapist, and develop a summer program for him. I'm anxious to get started. He has come a long way already, and many people have commented that his sentence length and clarity has improved since we began with his exercises. This morning, he actually uttered a 10-word sentence (yes, now I am constantly in the habit of counting his words...). He said, "May I please go downstairs and play with my trains?" Absolutely, doll! And so polite too, which is always nice to hear.

Mark took Phoenix and Keegs to a turkey farm yesterday. They were quite excited when they came home. Keegan got to hold a baby turkey and some eggs, and Phoenix petted a baby chick. They came back with a turkey feather, and 4 farm fresh, straight-from-the-chicken's-butt eggs. Keegan wanted to know when they would "'atch". Mark said, as soon as I put them in the frying pan! He didn't appreciate that answer.

Ty is a ramblin' man these days, making continuous circuits of the main floor of the house: hallway, kitchen, dining room, living room and back to hallway. Over and over and over. At least he's worn out for his naps!

Well, I suppose I should get over to Keegs and get some lessons in before lunch. Later taters.

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