Friday, May 19, 2006

OY! My Aching Back!

7:00 am. Woken by children. Stumble to bathroom. Crawl back into bed with hubby. Hoping for some rare morning action. Foreplay interrupted after 2.2 seconds by first and second child crawling into bed with us. Abandon hope. Make bottle for Ty. Feed Ty. Throw in a load of laundry. Give boys breakfast. Do dishes. Get kids dressed. Get Keegs off to school. Pack Ty and Bun into the car. Go scouting for patio furniture en route to grocery store. Go grocery shopping. Go to bank. Come home. Uppack food. Bake a cake. Make lunch. Put Keegs and Ty down for nap. Make icing. Help Mark unload new patio furniture. Laundry. Ice cake. Feed Ty. Go to hairdressers. Get Ty's haircut. Come home. Put kiddies into jammies and into bed. Feed Ty. Put Ty to bed. Make food for party tomorrow. Walk to store because I forgot three ingredients. Come home. Make more food. Laundry. Dishes. Put on jammies. Too tired for action, but determined.
11:33 pm.

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JuJuBee said...

Wow, I cold have written this (except the third of my children is still living inside, not outside of me) ZZZZZZzzzzzzz.