Monday, July 10, 2006

Niagara Falls Aviary-Not For The Birds!

Mark & I took the boys to the Aviary in Niagara Falls yesterday. The birds there were absolutely beautiful, and we all had a great time watching them, and as you can see, we got some wonderful photos as well. Unfortunately, our timing was off, and we couldn't participate in the feeding of the lorakeets, but the kiddies enjoyed watching all their feathered friends perching around them. If you get a chance to get to the Falls, it's a great place to visit with kids, along with the Butterfly Conservatory. We are hoping to head there again soon, as we haven't been there for about 2 years.

Ty is finally back to normal, and is eating and drinking well. Keegan is back to normal spirits too. It took them each a full week to recover. Nasty virus, that! Knock on wood that we are through in the house now. Phoenix, Mark and I seemed to have avoided it. I am giving credit to vitamins, and in my case at least, major mind-over-matter philospohy. After all, there is the die-hard rule: "Moms aren't allowed to get sick."

With that in mind, going for my annual physical today. Keep your legs crossed for me;).

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