Thursday, November 23, 2006

What Came First?

The chicken or the egg? Well, in Ty's case, the egg. I have reason to believe that he has developed an egg allergy, which would really suck for two main reasons. One, there are so many foods out there that contain eggs in some form (can you say cake?) that he would be denied, and more importantly, some vaccines contain egg protein. (See picture of the first time Ty tried eggs. This was when a piece of scrambled egg touched his lower lip...) It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but those red/pink patches were blotchy hives with small blisters around his mouth. Very simliar to the skin contact reaction he had to a trace of peanut butter that was on a cloth.

Yesterday I took him for his 18 month shots (OMG! A year and a half already!) and after discussing things with the Dr., decided to only get the one shot, as the MMR shot contains egg. So now Ty has to go for allergy testing on Dec 15 to see if he adds eggs to his allergy list. Poor little guy.

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