Sunday, November 05, 2006

What Makes Me:

What makes me exhausted: I tell you, I getting mighty tired of this cough from hell. I cough all day. I cough all night. When I start coughing, I can't stop until I either choke or throw up. This sucks.

What makes me frustrated: Just realized that I am down to my last diaper. Not good.

What makes me worried: Mark took himself to emergency this morning. Also not good. Severe lower abdominal/groin pain. As I am at home with the kids, I know nothing of what is going on now with him. He's been there over an hour. I hope he's at least been triaged and has been given somewhere to lie down.

Will update when I hear from him.

What makes me proud: In other news, Phoenix got his first stripe (blue) on his white belt for karate. He also has a really wiggly tooth that is threatening to fall out at any time. His new tooth has already started to come in behind the loose one. My adult teeth came in the same way; always behind the baby ones. He chose 6:25 am this morning to wake us up to give us the tooth-wiggling status. Kripes. Joy of parenting.

What makes me check my weblog 3000 times a day: My pal Jenny is due to drop her third child any minute now. She is hoping that this baby will be considerate enough to come inbetween her husband's business trips. I hope he complies, but babies seem to follow Murphy's Law. Wish you the best of luck, babe! Two pushes and glory!

What I hate: people that have finished their Christmas shopping already. I haven't done a bloody thing. Well, not entirely true. I bought 2 books for Ty, and a game for Keegs. That's about it.

What makes me feel like I've accomplished SOMETHING: Did go out yesterday and pick up some November birthday gifts for my Auntie Susan, my brother Mike, and my hubby, so that part is done, at least. I always have to put the b-days behind me before I can focus on Christmas matters.

What makes me sad: As I was picking Ty up to get him away from dismantling my spice rack, he reached over and grabbed my teapot off of the shelf and threw it to the floor, where it smashed into 999,999,999,999,999,923 pieces. Eff. I LOVED that teapot. It was beautiful. I got it for my birthday about 6 years ago from my Auntie Mo. Damn damn damn.

What makes me happy: Keegan starts going to school 5 days a week starting tomorrow. I think that the continuity will straighten him out, temper wise. He does not react well to breaks in schedule, and I think that going to school daily as opposed to 3 times a week will help to settle him at home. I have hope, and as my friend Martha would say, that's a good thing.

Update later. TTFN.

11:34 am update: Just called the hospital. They've done bloodwork and are waiting on an ultrasound.
1:26 : waiting for the ultrasound report.
3:55: still waiting. No food. No drugs. Lots of pain. Shunted him from 5 rooms and is now relegated to chair in the hallway. Really pissed off at this point.
5:15: Came home. Apparently, there's nothing wrong. Here's some Tylenol 3 and an ice pack. Bye now!

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JuJubee said...

Still here, no baby yet ;(

I hope your Mark gets to feeling better soon so you can have a break! Slow down, Woman!