Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Big 0-2!

Oh Ty-ger! You are 2 years old today! In one short year you have gone from my little baby to a little boy.
Your smile lights up my day, and your frequent spontaneous hugs make my heart melt.
I love how you call me "Money" instead of Mommy (especially since a friend suggested that you are just combining Mommy and Honey).
I love how you will stop what you are doing to come over and lay your head on my chest and give a contented little sigh.
You are also trouble X 10! You are like a battery that never runs out of juice. Your ceaseless energy is to be admired. I wish I had even 1/10th of it!
You are fearless and a bit reckless. I have seen you vault off of furniture and stairs like you have super-powers, and you land with a laugh. You now climb and slide and run all over the creative playground at your brother's school, when last year you couldn't lift your legs high enough to climb the steps.
You keep growing, but I am not sure how, since you seem to exist on Cheerios and love. Occasionally you throw me a bone by eating something like honey-garlic sausages with gusto, only to pass them by the next time they cross your plate. Picky, whatever it is, it's working.
This year you were diagnosed with not only an egg allergy, but a peanut one as well. I am sure that your determination in all things will serve you well throughout the years in dealing with these allergies.
Your new obsession is with trains, and you spend 90% of your day with your Thomas and Friends toys. You love your brothers and extended family fiercely and without thought.
You are not as wordy as your eldest brother, but you are coming along. Some of your daily voabulary consists of: Money (Mommy), Daddy, Keggie (Keegan), Brother (Phoenix), Guh-pa (Grandpa), Oma, Opa, up, down, go, sit, back, front, head, knees, toes, belly, bee-bo (belly button) Bear, Tutter, Ojo, Teelow (Treelo),Ty, moon, sty (star) cowd (cloud), Tommy, Julie, Bla-Bla (Ela), Dando (Fernando), Pah (Paul), Patrick, Kisstie (Christy), Darra, Heidi...(all of the important name words, obviously), this is__________, stinky, oh no!, no, NO!, bunny, Shabadee (name of his bunny) and more every day. My favourite is in the mornings, when you say, "Money! Herr-row!" (Mommy! Hello!)
Hello, to you to sweetheart. I wish you the happiest of birthdays. You are a daily joy and I love you forever.
Much love and kisses as you start your third year.


robertswayze said...

Happy Birthday!!!! And this was a lovely post...thanks for sharing this with us....hope the day i9s a grad one filled with loads of fun and happiness...and may every year bring more fun and happiness!!!!

radiogurl said...

Soooo cute. How do you not just slather him with kisses all day?

Shannon said...

That IS all I do all day. That's why my house is so messy. No time to clean.

Lori said...

He is adorable!

Shannon said...

Thanks. I think I'll keep him for one more year!