Friday, May 11, 2007

The Big 0-5!

Keegan! You are 5 years old today! The changes you have been through this year have been amazing.
Your speech has improved a thousand fold, and through much hard work, you have accomplished so many things.
You can now dress yourself, brush your own teeth and put the toothpaste on the brush. You can button buttons, and zip zippers. You can put on your own shoes. You can correctly identify numbers up to 15, and all upper case letters and most lower case ones. You have tackled the once insurmountable task of learning prepositions and using them properly. You use he and she properly in a sentence. You can sequence events, and re-tell a story. These are all things that seemed impossible a year ago, and now you are an expert.
Last year, you wouldn't look anyone in the eye, or let another child in your personal space. Now you are the most popular kid in your class, with 4 best friends and a girlfriend to boot!
You are loving, outgoing and affectionate, and extremely loyal to all you call friends. You love to dance, and sing all day long. You are my sweet, sweet dolly and I can't say enough to describe how proud I am of the person you are and the big boy you are becoming. I love you from the bottom of my heart.
Happy Birthday Keegan! Lots of love and happiness as you enter your 6th year.


radiogurl said...

Awwww! So nice!

Happy Birthday, Kegger!

Shannon said...

Thanks, Auntie Leanne!