Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hurray For Carnivores

Just came back from a great pot-luck dinner at our friends Dave & Teresa's house. I love these pre-holiday do's, when we get to see everyone and their kiddies. Aside from Ty, there were three other babies there as well, Daniel, who is almost a year and is toddling from room to room with great speed and agility. He's just so damned cute, too! Sophie, who I barely saw as she was napping most of the time we were there, but has the most awesome head of hair on an infant I have ever seen. Rivals Elvis, I tell you! And Brynn, who was an absolute angel; not a peep out of her the whole time, just watching everyone with placid nonchalance. Lots of other kiddies running around too; Andrew & Julia, Benjamin, Brooke, Jacob and my two, Phoenix and Keegan. They all play so nicely together. Unfortunately, a few share common allergies, as well. Julia, Phoenix and Keegs were all showing signs of cat allergies, with itchy eyes and runny noses.

When we got home, I literally had to sit on Phoenix with his arms pinned beneath my knees to give him his eyedrops. Kripes! You'd think I was pouring acid on his face the way he carries on! Keegan just lay there on the bed, and said, "Okay Mommy, my turn for drops!" What a great kid. (And Keegan did a stand-up pee at the toilet before bed to much praise. Yay Keegs!)

Anyway, the dinner was awesome. I really admire Teresa, as she is a strict vegetarian herself, yet always cooks up some tasty meat treats for us carnivores. Today she served a perfect turkey, venison, goose and duck. Yum!

My contribution was a chocolate truffle cake, which, I have to say, was sinfully good. Go to the kraftcanada website and download the recipe. Definitely worth the effort.

And now the kiddies are a-bed, husband is a-couch and I am planning shortly to be asleep.

Goodbye for now, and to all a good night!

PS. Welcome to the world Baby Girl Czartowski, born this morning to Mark's cousin Adam and his wife Chris. 5 pounds, 11 oz. When asked for a name, Adam simply said, "We have 30 days to comply!" Congrats guys on your newest addition to the family!

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