Monday, December 12, 2005

What Happens To You In Times of Stress?

Strange things happen to our bodies in times of stress. Some people break out in hives, other in acne. Some people feel nauseated, others burst into tears with no warning. Me? I get a cold sore. Eww. I truly hate cold sores. I don't think anyone likes them or anything, but they are just the worst. Especially if you are unfortunate enough to get one without medicine immediately to hand, because then they just mutate. I end up with a face so swollen I look like the Elephant Man.

So when I first felt the tingle, and rushed over to the local pharmacy, and begged for the strongest stuff they had. The pharmacist took pity on my horrid visage and gave me Abreva. This tiny tube is less than half the size of my pinky finger, and costs $20.00. Kripes! But, it works! Usually I spend a week talking with my hand over my mouth, but the swelling was gone the next day. It's been only 2 days that I have been using it, and it is already at the scabbing stage. So if you are doomed to the occasional cold sore/fever blister like me, invest in this medication. It is worth every penny!
Now that my testimonial is over, I also wanted to share that Phoenix won a prize! He entered the Poko sticker contest on Kids CBC, where you had to send in a piece of paper with stickers on it. Phoenix made his own stickers and sent those in, and he found out today that he won a Poko prize pack! We are very excited! Well, I am, anyway ;) So, the prize will arrive in the mail, and is either a Poko DVD, book or poster.

I am slowly whittling down my Christmas shopping list. I still have to get something for my youngest brother, a cousin, my Dad and Mark. And something for Ty from Oma. Then it's just the small miscellaneous stuff. Oh, and I need to get myself a Christmas outfit. And some shoes. Some new make-up would be nice. Maybe some costume jewellery to match the as-of-yet-mythical outfit.

Most of all, I need time away from the kids! Oh hell. now all three are crying and I'm next. Gotta run...

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