Monday, February 06, 2006

Leaps AND Bounds

Ty is super kid the last few days. On Friday (Feb 3), he started to crawl for the first time, and today he is pulling himself up on anything stationary (tried climbing up Keegan's legs, but Keegs was having nothing to do with that! "I'm not a tree, baby!" he said, as he ran away...). Oh yeah, he's also started to wave goodbye at people. It is soooooooooooo cute!

Tonight is the FSRT play night, so we're packing up the kiddies in the late afternoon and letting them go hyper on someone else's turf. Hope there's a good turnout and we make some money for the charity.

It is COLD here today (compared to the balmy Jan/Feb weather we've been spoiled by lately). No snow here yet, but I hear we're in for it. Kids are hoping for lots of snow, but if it was up to me, I'd just throw the switch and welcome spring. But seeing as I am neither Cold Miser nor Heat Miser (nor Mother Nature, for that matter), I guess I'm out of luck.

I have an absolutely brutal case of cracked finger syndrome; a mix of eczema and split and bleeding skin. I can't seem to find any relief for it, even with prescription stuff. If anyone has a miracle remedy, please pass it on. I am DESPERATE!!!!!! I can't even put my hair in a ponytail without covering my hands in band-aids first. Please help!!!

Now that you have that nice imagery floating in your brain, I'll sign off for now. Got to check on the chicklets.

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