Monday, February 27, 2006

Just Imagine The Freedom

No, I am not the winner of 6/49 lottery. I am speaking of the freedom from lactation. Imagine: wearing a bra that does not have access flaps and 4 foot wide straps. Being able to leave the house for longer than a 3 hour window. No unexpected let-down reaction when a crying baby is within earshot. Ah..............yes. Ty is finally, completely, weaned.

Now, that being said, it is sort of sad too. Knowing that this is our last baby, so therefore the last nursing experience. I know of lots of mothers that decided to bottle feed for various reasons, or breast-fed for the minimum 3 months and hated every second of it. But I liked nursing. It was relaxing. I was lucky enough to never have any latching problems or other related complications. And besides, nursing left my hands free to hold a book. Now I never seem to get the chance to read. Hmm. In the tub, perhaps?

Speaking of reading, I made a great score off of E-bay recently. Now, I know what you are thinking. Shann!!!! Remember your E-Bay addiction when you were searching for Thomas the Tank Engine toys? Yes, I do. Fondly, for me. Not so much for the payer of the credit card (read:husband). But I'm better this time. I have set monetary limits and never exceed them. Recently I have bought a bunch of Transformers crap for Bun's birthday, but I treated myself the other day when I found an out-of-print book that my friend Kris and I have been searching for for years. (Not that it matters, but the book is High Hunt, by David Eddings). Anyway, my eventual point is this: I got it for a mere 95 cents! Can't beat that deal; even with the exchange and shipping, it was cheaper than buying a book new at the store. So I'm pretty happy. And so is Kris, because she gets it next. And yes, I'm 50 pages in, and it's really good!

Tomorrow is Pancake Day at school. The kids get to eat pancakes in the gym, griddled up by volunteer moms. To add to the fun, they get to wear their jammies to school. I'm a great fan of pyjama day. Saves having to dress the kids in the morning; just have to slip on socks and we're ready to go.

Now the burning question: what to give up for Lent?

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