Friday, March 31, 2006

One Week and Life To Go

Yay! Keegan survived his first week of pre-school unscathed (as did I). Actually, he had a great time all week. He loves painting, and to be able to do that 3 times a week is heaven for him. His teachers send me notes each day, detailing what activities he did, what he ate for snack, and, in today's note, if he said anything cute...his teacher was counting the wheels on a car to him, and when she was done, Keegan said "Good counting!" Sweetness, I tell you.

I read "The Kite Runner" this week (very good!!!), The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult (okay, but nowhere near as good as some of her other work), and I am halfway through "Until I Find You" by John Irving (great so far...definitely putting me more solidly in my tattoo frame of mind). And Jason, if you are reading this, where's my design, brotha?

I asked our friend Jay to design a tattoo for me, as I have been wanting to get a second one for some time now, but wasn't motivated by any design in particular. Then I thought that I would like to get one having something to do with my kiddoes. So, I have asked Jay to design one for me (he's a graphic designer and is AWESOME) revolving around my boys' names and our family crest, or around the meanings of the boys' names. I know he'll come up with something great for me. Now I just have to decide where to put it...hmmm...(suggestions are welcome...)

My brother Tommy said he would come with me when I get one (so nice to have moral support-not to mention someone's hand to crush for the pain portion of the event) since he says that he wants another one too (although he may have been just kidding...whatever, he can still come with me :-) ).

Lots going on this weekend, including a few birthday parties for the kids to attend, and speaking of which, Happy 6th Hannah!!!

Oh, and some Ty excitement to report...he took 3 steps today! I was so was he, until he realized he had let go of the table, after which, with a look of sheer panic and fruitless air-groping, he fell directly on his tushie. Now the fun begins...

And is it a bad sign for the future that Ty's first official word is "NO" ? All day long, "No, no, no, no". (With Phoenix in the background hissing in Ty's ear, "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS").

Going now to park myself on the couch with my Mr Irving novel, a cup of tea, and a fistful of chocolate fudge...Nighty-night!!!

PS. Damn! I use a lot of brackets, don't I?
PPS. Remember that Lenten promise to stop yelling? Um, yeah...lasted about 3 days. Harder than one would think, especially with 3 kids...try it'll see what I mean!
PPPS. Damn! I use a lot of elipses and exclamation marks too, eh? Time to branch out in my (apparently limited) knowledge of punctuation funtions (....!!!!!!!!)


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