Friday, December 01, 2006

The Black Cloud of DOOM!

I am not merely referring to the awful weather...which by the way is torrential rains. Time to build the ark! Instead, I refer to the increasingly awful state of the members of my household. As previously reported, Phoenix has a double ear infection and bronchitis, but now also has an eye infection too (caught, no doubt from Keegan, the walking plague)! Mark spent over an hour at the clinic with him last night, only to have the doctor (who was Doogie Hauser-like in his youth) say that he didn't need drops, because the antibiotic he was on for his ear should clear it up.

Oh yeah, Doogie? Explain to me why a kid who has been on antibiotics for over 48 hours has developed an eye infection in the first place! And clearing up? Then why does Phoenix's eye look like he went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson? It is swollen almost shut, the sclera is bright red, and is yellow-green weepy. Gee, maybe drops would help?

So I called my own doctor who actually went to medical school instead of taking correspondance medical courses from the back of a matchbook cover, and he has called in a prescription for eye drops. Jeez! Will the fun never end?

And to top it all off...only 24 more shopping days.

As my cousin Lori said, "Happy FREAKING Holidays!"

PS. On a more pleasant note: Happy Birthday to my friend Teresa, and my sister-in-law Julie!!!

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