Friday, December 15, 2006

Things Just Keep Getting Better and Better!!!!

Yeah, that's sarcasm alright. Ty has picked up the wonderful world of pink eye, and now has an infection in both eyes. Gross, creepy mess. Try cleaning green gunk out of a 18-month old flailing-contortionist-child's eyes by yourself, and administer eye drops with out the aid of 15 tie wraps and a straight-jacket. NOT FUN!!!

But, let's get all of this nastiness out of the way before Christmas so we can (knock-on-wood) have a happy, HEALTHY holiday. Whew!

Just finished wrapping the latest load of presents. 88 wrapped and ready to date. Still need something for my Dad. Any ideas?

I made the mistake of going to the mall yesterday and browsing children's wear. I mean, for my kids, I was finished shopping. So explain to me this: 2 pairs of pyjamas, 3 pairs of mittens, one shirt and 4 pairs of pants. Kripes! Well, the sales were so good, I could not resist. Two pairs of polar fleece pants for $12? Come on! You'd have bought them too. Pyjamas? Licensed?> Thomas and Spiderman> for $8.00 each? Too good to be true. So my kids are spoiled Johnny Rotten yet again.

(In the spirit of giving and sale admiration, I also picked up a sweater and two shirts for my self. Oh yeah, and a t-shirt for Mark.) Don't worry, my hubby never reads this blog, so..........hey..........I could write virtually ANYTHING about him........and he would never know......unless you tell him. HUSH!

Still have not done one crumb of Christmas baking yet. But Mark has next week off from work, so I plan to do a lot then. Hey honey! You're on baby duty! (Ok, you can tell him that.)

Well, guess I'd better go tidy or do something similiarly industrious (or maybe just have another cup of tea, and read for a bit). Taking Tyger for his allergy testing this afternoon to see if he is allergic to eggs. Will update when I know.

Happy last-minute stress! I mean, shopping!

PS. I am still hacking up a lung, but feel marginally better. I'd say I'm about 63.2%.

PPS. A VERY HAPPY 69TH BIRTHDAY TO MY DADDY!!!!!!!(Yesterday). You don't look a day over 68. I love you!

Ty Allergy Update:

DEFINITELY allergic to eggs. Moderate to severe reaction. Allergist said that if he eats something containing eggs, like a cookie, or a piece of cake, or bread etc, he probably won't react. (As he eats none of these things anyway, it's not really an issue!) However, he would definitely have a reaction if he ate something with a high egg concentration such as meringue, or angel food cake or eggnog, or plain eggs, for that matter. So if we avoid those types of things he should be okay in daily living.

Regarding his vaccines, some of which contain egg protein like the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and ruebella, I have to bring a sample of the vaccine to her office. She will do a skin test on Ty with the vaccine to see if he reacts. If not, she will inject him with a 10% dose. If he reacts to that, no vaccine. If not, then he can get it. Poor little bug. One thing after the other!

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