Monday, December 18, 2006

Do You Have Someone Missing At Christmas?

I heard a song on the radio today, strangely enough while I was thinking of my Mom, and how much I miss her at this time of year. As much as she complained about the stress of pulling the day together, she loved it, and always made the day so special for us, both as children and as adults. The song was called, "Someone Is Missing At Christmas", by Anne Cochran. I heard it at lunch as I was feeding Ty, and balled my eyes out. I just had to share the lyrics with you. If I was more blogger savvy, I would provide an audio link, but as I sadly, am not, here are the words. Grab a tissue:

Someone is missing at Christmas
Someone I loved all my life
Someone I played with and laughed all night long
Someone I think of when I hear that song

Someone is missing at Christmas
Someone has left me alone
Someone so close even though we’re apart
Someone who’d finished the sentence I’d start

Someone whose love is my favorite gift
Someone whose presence is my Christmas wish
Someone who always was here
Someone is missing this year

Candlelit snapshots of Christmases gone by
You in your favorite chair
Memories like snowflakes melt in my eyes
I look and you’re not sitting there

Someone whose love is my favorite gift
Someone whose presence is my Christmas wish
Someone is missing at Christmas

Wait… someone is touching my heart…
Someone has heard me and answered my call
Someone I love is not missing at all

Someone is with me at Christmas
Someone’s right here in my heart
Someone I love is with me this Christmas
And will be each Christmas to come!

Sigh....I miss my Mom. But you know, the song is true for me. I know that she is touching my heart, and will be with me this Christmas and each Christmas to come.


Lori said...

That's a beatiful song. I can't wait to hear it put to music. What station did you hear it on.

Shannon said...

105.9 Easy Rock. They play Christmas music 24/7 in the month of December. Puts me in the Christmas mood, despite our forecasted green Christmas.

radiogurl said...

Your Mom is in all the traditions you keep and that you will pass down to your boys as well.

She's in the cookies you bake and the love and care you put into them.

Our Moms are "in" all things good about Christmas. :-)

Stessy said...

Awwwww. *hugs* (Sorry. You probably dont want a random person to hug you.)

Shannon said...

Hugs are always welcome. Thanks...