Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Baby! It's cold outside! Winter has decided to arrive. Snow began last night around dinner time. Not a lot, mind you, we're not Buffalo or anything, but enough to cover the sidewalks and grass, picnic tables and tree limbs, in a Christmas-y coating.

Rewind to 11:30 pm last night, where you see Shannon frantically pawing through the cedar chest (aka the respository of shoes that don't fit, used to fit, and will fit someone someday) in search of a pair of boots for the boys. Result? Damn. Need to buy the boys new boots. Phoenix's will do until I can get to the store. Keegan's are a size too small and hurt his feet. Ty has a pair that are pretty much new, so he is golden. Boot shopping has been suspended until Wednesday evening, as Mark is taking me out tonight. Remember I stated on my birthday post that I had received tickets to a seasonal show?

I was all excited, thinking that it was the Rockettes Christmas Show. Ah, no. Not even close. But very cool all the same. We're going to the Danforth Music Hall to see "A Twisted Christmas", starring Twisted Sister. I think it's my husband who's twisted, but that is neither here nor there. I am sure it will be a great time, if only just to flee the house of illness for a few hours.

It is really cold here today. (Compared to last week, when we had a balmy 12 C going on). Today it is -2 C (-11 with the windchill). Brrrrr...frosty!

Keep warm! I'll update about the Twisted show tomorrow...

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