Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Some Things You Just Shouldn't Ignore

I have come to learn that there are certain medical ailments that you really should not ignore, or in my case, pray nightly that they will go away on their own...like ear aches...things that look green...day 123 of a cough...bladder infections...

Oh, no. Do not, DO NOT ignore the bladder infection. No matter how much cran-cocktail you swig, it will not go away unaided. In fact, I have found that after a week and a half, the excruciating pain of the undrained bladder, coupled with the pain of where-did-that-horse-come-from-that-kicked-me-in-the-back that signals a migration of said bladder infection to the kidney, is enough to send even the toughest of see-no-evil women into weepy sobs of uncontrollable misery.

That is me. Weepy. Sobbing. Uncontrollable. MISERY.

I felt better after 3 1/2 hours of pushing a child into this world than I do now, and the pain is worse. Pray to the patron saint of internal organs, whoever he or she may be. My back hurts too much right now to Google the info.

Ouch! (sniff......)


Lori said...

So, why aren't you going to the doctor.

radiogurl said...

I think your title says is all, sweets.

Feel better.

JuJuBee said...

Oh lordy, it's no fun is it?? Have you been to the doctor? Is it a stone?