Friday, January 19, 2007

The Strangest Thing!

I awoke this morning (at an ungodly hour, thanks Tyger!) and came downstairs. I looked out the window and saw the strangest thing! Every surface outside was blanketed with a coating of white. What is this substance? I asked myself in wonder. I opened the door, and a flake of this bizarre whiteness landed on my hand. It was crystaline in structure and melted upon my skin, into a drop of what appeared to be water. A tap on my waist interrupted my reverie. "Um, Mom? It's snow. Remember? Last winter?"

Ah yes. Snow. I had forgotten its exisitence. Strange that while living in Southern Ontario, that this was its first arrival of the year. November, December, oh yes, we had rain. Lots of it, in fact. And Monday, freezing rain. Enough to cancel the school buses. But snow! Wow! The kids were thrilled and I was, in hindsight, very glad that I had bought the kids boots a few weeks ago. I went on a whirlwind hunt for snowpants, and found them. Keegs and Bun are anticipating the after-school snowman building.


Onto other, VERY DISTRESSING matters, Ty has rocked my safe little world. Cue the X-Files theme if you will...

After breakfast, I plunked Ty in his playpen and went back to the kitchen to make Phoenix's lunch and pack his school bag. I had a eerie feeling of being watched. A glanced over my shoulder to see Ty grinning at me from the top of the stairs. What the...? How did he get out?

I brought him back downstairs. Put him in the playpen (cue Mission Impossible please...da da da da, da da da da, doo doo doo, doo doo doo)and within 2.3 seconds, a leg over the side and a full body shimmy, and he was off and running. I think I might have mouthed the "f" word. Now what? I no longer have a safe Tyger-haven. He is a busy kid. A curious kid. A big ol' handful of trouble. I dread the day he scales the crib rails!


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