Thursday, November 17, 2005

Birthday Post Scriptum

Just like to add that today sucked. I mean, birthdays are generally always good, because you hear from most of your friends and family and presents don't hurt either. But being sick on your birthday really blows.

Instead of going out for dinner as planned, I spent the evening with Phoenix and Keegs in the walk-in clinic. The two of them drove me absolutely BONKERS today. I think that someone slipped them uppers at breakfast. They were bouncing off the walls, talking back and generally being excruciatingly irritating. Also, Ty has a head cold, and is teething, so he is pretty cranky as well.

As I was saying, went to the clinic. Phoenix has a nail-bed infection due to his propensity for hang-nails that he pulls off. I tried treating it at home with various antibacterial creams to no avail. Now he is going to lose the nail and is freaking at the prospect. He is also now on anitbiotics. Keegan has bronchitis and is also on antibiotics and an inhaler. And since I haven't slept in the past five nights due to excessive coughing, I was checked out as well only to discover that I have bronchial pneumonia, and was also prescribed antibiotics and an inhaler. Kripes! Then the doctor suggested that I try to rest as much as possible with little to no physical exertion. (Did I spell that right? It looks wrong...) Anyway, after a 10 minute choking coughing fit brought on by laughter at the impossibility of the suggestion with 3 little cranky monsters to look after all day, I resignedly took the prescriptions to the pharmacy to get filled while Mark loaded the kiddies in the car.

I swear, I spent 45 in the pharmacy because my dumb-ass insurance company (yeah, it's BLUE CROSS, and it FREAKING BLOWS!) refused to pay for Phoenix's prescriptions saying that they had filled a duplicate claim for him. I don't even remember the last time I took Phoenix to the doctor, let alone got him antibiotics. So, I ended up having to pay out of pocket which pissed me off further. This post is going from bad to worse, so I'm quitting now. Hope tomorrow is better.

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JuJubee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and am so sorry you had a shitty day. Hope you are all feeling better real soon...big internet virtual hugs for you !((HUGS))