Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Rabbits, aunt-shrinking and the joy of peas

I thought of a million and one things to post about tonight during my nightly outing to Tim Horton's...so bear with me here...

I think the first time I ever saw a wild rabbit was about 12 years ago. It was in my then-boyfriend's (now husband's) backyard. We saw it every winter for about 5 years, then I didn't see any until last summer. The occasional bunny scooting across a neighbour's lawn. Now, either the fox population is WAY down, or those rabbits have been really doing what they do best, because I don't go a day now without seeing at least a pair. They're everywhere! Little brown bunnies with white tails. Cute. But damned prolific. I always thought that rabbits must be Catholic, and now I'm positive about it...their way of welcoming in the new Pope?
My 10-year-old nephew came over for a visit with my sister-in-law yesterday. I saw him about 3 weeks ago, at which time the top of his head came to my nose. Now he is the exact same height as me. Mind you, I'm only 5'2", but jeez, if he's this tall at 10, he's going to be 6'10" at 18! Glad I'm not the one buying him new pants every month!
I was at the grocery store this evening (with 3 kids! Yeah, we're brave, alright!) and as I meandered up and down the aisles, I thought about how there are foods that I never buy simply because I don't like them. Or in the case of carrots and about a thousand other food items, allergic to them. This is very unfair of me. I should not deprive my kids of the joy (or so I'm told-eww!) of peas. *At this point, I should point out that I DO have a bag of peas in the freezer. The fact that they are used as an ice-pack is irrelevant, right?-But I digress...) So, in the interest of spreading pea-joy, I bought a couple of jars of pureed peas to test-drive on my 6-month old son. I found the fact that he hoovered them up in about 2.3 seconds amazing. Especially since they stayed in his mouth, and not all over his bib! I wonder though, how much of his green pea enthusiasm is due to the taste, as opposed to the fact that by the time we got home from shopping and I fed them to him, it was 2 hours past the normal time he would normally eat solids. We'll see how they go over tomorrow.
I'm quite excited about this week. Why you ask? Well, on Wednesday, I get to escape for a few hours to get my hair done (yes, I did say HOURS, it takes time to achieve this level of spectacular beauty...I'll wait till you finish choking on your coffee...) and on Saturday I'm going out for dinner with a bunch of my girlfriends. We are celebrating our birthdays, which all fall within the next 4 weeks or so. Yahoo! Two nights out! In the same month! Man...it's sad when you get excited about a trip to the hairdresser, right? Skip the post when I start to enthuse about the dentist...
Well, it's about 11:30 pm, and I still have to get Bun's stuff ready for school tomorrow (clothes, lunch, school-bag etc.) so I'd better be off. Hope you haven't gone cross-eyed from reading all of these disjointed thoughts. So, as I say to my boys, "Later, tater!"

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JuJubee said...

Tell me how you got your 6 month old to actually eat solids...mine spits her right out and has been for a long time now. I don't remember what it was like with the 5 1/2 year old...I'm new at this stuff all over again!