Sunday, March 12, 2006

Are You Out There?

Hello blog readers! I know you are out there somewhere in cyber-space! If you are reading, why not drop me a line in the comments section? Thanks to Lea, Auntie Susan and Jenny who occasionally say hey...

Today Mark and I are off on a date! We are going to see David Copperfield. I'm quite excited. I've seen him on tv a lot, but never in a live show. Should be pretty cool. Oma is coming over to watch the kidlets, and now that Ty is weaned, I can leave the house and feel pretty guilt-free.

I have been working hard this past week trying to find Keegan a pre-school. It is rough-going, let me tell you. Not only do I have to find a school that has a spot for integration, but I also need a school that does home pick-up and drop off, because I am a loser and still do not have my driver's license. (Please no comments about this...I get nagging about it on a daily basis, and really, point taken!) I am waiting to hear back from my number one pick. The school in question has been around since I was a kid, and they do have integration spots and pick-up. Hopefully, if they don't have a space, the waiting list will not be too long. My other option is for integrated daycare, but if he is going to be missing his JK year, I'd rather he be getting some schooling. For his age, he really is a bright kid. He knows all of his colours and numbers, he knows all of his letters, upper and lower case, and amazingly, knows all of their phonetic sounds as well. For that, he is ahead of the pack, and it will serve him well going into SK.

I have been working with him at home on making his letters, and so far he has mastered upper case T, I, X, O and Q. Now I just need him to get the letters of his name, and we're rockin'!

Tomorrow I am taking Ty for his allergy testing, and will update when I get home. TTFN, and hey, say hi, will ya?


wolfgirl said...

Hey!!! Sorry for being such a bad blog reader and not fulfilling my blog reading duties - the first runner up blog reader must be salivating in the wings - especially after sleeping w/ the blog reading judges! ;-) Glad to hear the munchkins are doing so well - you're such a kickass mom! I promise to do better at upholding my blog reading duties.

Shannon said...

Well....okay, I won't dismiss you from the running yet!