Thursday, March 09, 2006

Looks Like Keegs Will Be Integrated

Well, I got the results yesterday from Keegan's integration services testing. Turns out that he qualifies in three areas: cognitive ability, language (receptive and expressive) and sensory (how he interacts with his environment). Also he is eligible for use of an occupational therapist regarding problem solving.

Basically what this breaks down to is this: we have to place him in a pre-school setting. Once there, he will receive services in the areas he needs. These services are only available to children before they enter the school system, so, depending on how he develops, we will have the option of keeping him in pre-school for a year, and then to SK the following year. If we put him in JK in September, he will lose the services.

So now my job is to find a pre-school nearby with intergrated services and get him placed. Now that he qualifies, we will get a subsidy on the cost of the pre-school, from 70-80%, which helps a lot!


And to update on Tyger, he is going for allergy testing on Monday.


radiogurl said...

Do they do the testing any differently on a wee guy like Ty? Or is it the scratches on the skin thing? Are they just going to do food or environmental too?

radiogurl said...

Oh and YAY for subsidies!

Shannon said...

I believe it's still a scratch test. I'll update my blog after the test...