Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Official Testing Results

Hello all! Got Keegan's official testing results, so I can report on their findings with a bit more accuracy. They found Keegan's scores to be below average in visual reception, receptive language and expressive language. His scores were average in fine and gross motor skills.

In the sensory profile, which looks at how a child interacts with the environment, he had specific areas of concern, those being his tactile sensitivity, under responsive/seek sensation, auditory filtering and visual/auditory sensitivity.

In the ADD and Social Skills tests, his scores were average.

As a result of the screening, they have recommended the following: that he attend a pre-school to have the opportunity to respond to the expectations and routines in that setting, and that he has peers to model speech and language and other skills for him. (Done!)
2. That he access the services of a resource consultant, who will work with him at preschool so that he makes the greatest gains possible. (Done, but not available until June...)
3. That he access the support of a speech therapist (on wait list!&*$%!!!!)
4. Because of sensory concerns, that he be referred to an occupational therapist that will work with him at the preschool (again, on a wait list)
5. That Keegan gets his hearing tested to rule out any hearing loss that may be contributing to his speech and language delays (called for audiology referral today...)

Whew! Poor little guy has to climb a lot of mountains, eh? Lucky for him he's got a mommy to help him over the rough spots. Hang in there Keegs! Mommy's gotcha!

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