Saturday, September 02, 2006

3 Days Until School!

Can you tell I'm excited for school to start? It should be fun this year. Phoenix starts grade one, so this is his first year of being at school all day, 5 days a week. He is happy to have two of his good friends in his class with him this year, and by all reports, his teacher is excellent.

Last night Mark and I went to a dinner theatre to see the Buddy Holly Story. It was really good. I had quite a crush on Buddy by the end of the show. Helped that I was quite tipsy too. I really am such a cheap date these days when it comes to alcohol. I had one Long Island Iced Tea, and was a giggling idiot. Probably shouldn't have followed it up with a B-52 coffee...anyway, it was a great show, and we had a good time. It so rare that we get out without the kids. It's fun to "date" every once in a while.

In a few weeks, we are going States-side to a wedding in West Seneca, New York. Any excuse to hunt for a new dress, is good enough for me.

As I mentioned, the kids are gearing up for school. Keegan will still be at preschool, even though normally he would be starting JK. We are keeping in preschool for a year so he can access the resources that would be cut off once he enters the public school system.

Keegan's resource person came over last Friday on a fact-finding mission, basically just to get background history on Keegs and what he has done so far. We also went to speech therapy this past week. She was impressed with his improvement over the summer, and has set a bunch of new goals for him, like using "he" and "she" in sentences, as opposed to "the boy" and "the girl". We are also working on "they" and putting sequential stories in order. Enough to keep us busy for a while. At the end of the month, he will be joining a speech therapy group. He will go once a week, for 8 weeks, and I think after that, there is a social skills one that he can join, which is like the summer group he was in.

Phoenix is not looking forward to the work portion of grade one, but told me he is anticipating recess...funny kid. Should be a joy getting him to do homework! It's going to be really weird with him gone 5 days a week now, instead of every second day...Keegan will start off going Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and is on the wait list for the Tues/Thursday classes. I have been told that he will probably get into that session in January. Boy, what are Ty and I going to do with all that free time?

Well, as far as Ty goes, most of it will be spent in nap. I think Mark is hoping that the extra time I will have will be channelled into housework for a change, but...I don't think you can teach an old dog new tricks. I vow to put forth an effort though. Don't think, Mom, that I don't see you shaking your head at my pathetic housekeeping skills. I guess I didn't get that gene. Only the cake decorating and knitting one.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate my bed? Or rather, my mattress? It cost a fortune, and is only 2 years old now, but it cripples me. Mark has always had back problems (sciatica etc) and opted for the extra firm mattress, but even with the pillow top, to me, it's like lying on the Flinstone bed. Which is why, more often that not, my kids find me snoring on the couch downstairs most mornings. I dream (when actually sleeping, and not tossing and turning) of the perfect mattress! One day! I will find you!

Ty has turned into a monkey when I wasn't looking. I turn my back for two seconds, and he's dancing on the coffee table. My friend over the hedge commented that it might be a good way for him to make money in the future, but maybe not something you'd want to see your son doing...I said that as long as he signed a few calendars for me to sell on E-Bay, that I was alright with it...

Writing that made me remember a skit from long ago from Saturday Night Live, with Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley, and they were both trying out to be Chippendale dancers. I thought my mom and I would pee our pants watching that one!

Anyway, speaking of bladder accidents, I am about to have one if I don't run right now, so bye for now!

PS. Happy belated birthday to my brother-in-law Fernando! (Do you hear the drums?)

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JuJubee said...

My in-laws lives right by W. Seneca...have fun!