Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well, I suppose that I could make lots of excuses as to why I haven't posted in a while, but why bother...just busy and blocked, I guess.

My Tyger-tot is 16 months old today! He is just so darned cute! He is a little monkey; climbs on anything and everything. I turn my back for a second and he's on top of the dining room table trying to catch our betta fish, or on the edge of the bookshelf, three stories up. Reminds me of stories I used to hear about my brother Paul. My mom took a picture of him climbing the racks of the refridgerator once. Genetics will out, I suppose. He is a little chatter-box, and a copy-cat at that. Repeats a word you say, and then never again. Just storing in the back of his brain to spill out at a later date. He finally figured out how to clap, and does that all day long, then looks around for praise at his accomplishment. He is so proud of himself.

Phoenix, or rather Phoenix and I, just finished his first school project. He had to do a time-line of all of the important events in his life thus far. I was saying stuff like the births of his brothers etc., and he said with disdain, "NO, Mommy. Not that kind of stuff. IMPORTANT stuff. Like, the first time I saw a movie in the theatre, you know. Life-changing stuff." So, we loaded it up with his six years of important stuff, with pictures to go with his one-liner sentences. He has to present it in front of the class tomorrow. I hope he doesn't get stage-fright!

This Wednesday, Keegan starts his grammar group at speech therapy. I think there are 3 or 4 other kids in the group working on the same language goals. It is an 8 week group, every Wednesday afternoon for 45 minutes. Should keep him busy!

That's about it for news around here, I think. I'm sure there's more, but I have dinner on the stove and a baby, no, toddler now, crying on the monitor, so I'd better jet for now! Have a good week, and feel free to drop me a line to say hey! Jenny, where are you, sugar?

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JuJubee said...

Who me? You mean me? I'm here! I'm the same as you, no excuses, just busy and blocked! I'm really intending on posting, like right now...if the baby stays asleep. Can you believe theses kiddos are 16 months old?! Imagine having another in 8 weeks ;)