Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hubby and I attended our first out-of-country wedding on Saturday. We went to the tropical villa of West Seneca, New York. Okay, yes, I am joking. West Seneca is NOT tropical, but the place the wedding was at was beautiful, and the dinner was awesome. Congratulations Rob & Ginny! I wish you a lifetime of wedded bliss.

And, after almost 9 years of wedded bliss, and 3 boys later, Mark is having the "Snip" this Friday. He is quite stressed about it. So we are currently employing the denial method of "speak no evil. If we don't talk about it, he can pretend it's not happening. Well, for a few more days, anyway!

Well, I guess I'd better be off. Got to get Keegers off to school, and settle in with Ty to watch back episodes of Smallville.
Educate yourself! Here are some new words for ya:

Word of the Day: Sept 26

gadarene • \GAD-uh-reen\ • adjective : headlong, precipitate

Example sentence:Mary has criticized her brother for his gadarene rush into marriage with a girl he has known for only 2 weeks.

Word of the Day: Sept 27

mellifluous • \muh-LIFF-luh-wus\ • adjective *1 : having a smooth rich flow2 : filled with something (as honey) that sweetens

Example sentence:Lucy recognized the actor's mellifluous voice immediately from the many voice-overs he had done for 800-sex line commercials.

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