Friday, September 29, 2006


madeleine • \MAD-uh-lun\ • noun 1 : a small rich shell-shaped cake*2 : one that evokes a memory

Example sentence:The long needle and inappropriate amounts of anesthetic were madeleines for Mark, calling up memories of the horror of his vasectomy.

As you can see by the example sentence...OUCH! He just called me from his Mom's house (funny who we run to when we are ailing) and said, and I quote, "Yeah, it FUCKING hurt!"

So, now I am wracked with guilt. Will update later when he gets home.
Well, I think it is safe to say that Mark will not volunteer for that assignment ever again! And his recommendation to any guys that are about to embark on this endeavour? "Make sure you're fully frozen before they start. Right side good. Left side...OH MY HOLY GOD!" Yeah, ouch. But he is okay now, a little achey(sp?), but nothing ice packs and Tylenol 3's won't cure, I suppose...
Ty has now moved into the realm of "Let's give Mom a heart-attack every 10 minutes". I've said before that he's a climber. On top of tables, up bookshelves, etc. Well, today he discovered how to open doors, AND, once open, how to navigate the stairs! I turn my back for 2 seconds, and he's two levels down! Kripes, at this rate I'll have to dye my hair every week!
Flashback: Graduation Day 1995. My journalism grad friends and I chatting on the forecasted dream careers that we will achieve within the next, um, three days or so.

"I'm going to have my own radio show"
"I'm going to be the hot new newspaper columnist"
"I'm going to have my own monthly page in a leading magazine".

Hmm...somehow, I don't recall saying that I would be, 11 years later, writing a blurb in my son's school newsletter about food...but there you go. Some dreams take radically different paths. Always good to know that those 4 years of university paid off! Seriously though, other than Blogging and writing the occasional kid story for the boys, I haven't really done much writing over the years. (And the novel that I will finish when I'm about 65!) It's nice to get back into it, if only for 100-250 words a month. Thanks, Christy, for not letting my brain melt away into writer's block land too soon.

(And in case you are dying of curiosity, this month's sample was on peanut- free snacks, with a recipe for nut-free granola bars!--Leave a post if you want the recipe. It's really good).

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