Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of Grade One!

I can't believe that another year has flown by, and my little baby is starting Grade One! (He would absolutely KILL me for calling him my little baby...). Phoenix was quite excited this morning, and was happy to see all of his friends again. He said he was looking forward to seeing what his class looked like, and to getting his very own desk.

Keegan was a little lost without his big brother to play with this morning. He's been so used to having Phoenix here all summer as a playmate. And Ty just annoys him by taking all of his toys and shoving them in his mouth!Well, tomorrow is Keegs' first day of school, and he is really looking forward to going.

I called Keegan's school this morning to see if the fees had changed and got some great news! Apparently, I had overpaid them a few bucks a day all last year, and now I have a tidy little credit, to the tune of three free months of school. Sweet. That's definitely news I can stand to hear!

I hope all of my readers had a good Labour Day weekend. Weather here was absolute crap, so we really didn't do much. Yesterday (Monday) was a decent day though, and we had a BBQ for some of Mark's baseball team mates. They came for lunch, took a break and showed back up for dinner, along with my Dad, and my sister-in-law and her family. Party didn't die until 11:30 last night.

I threw in the towel about 11:00, and headed off to bed, but Mark and his buddy hung out in the hot tub. I'm sure they're both hurtin' today. All well and good to get sauced at a party, but not so good if you have to get up at 6:00 am to go to work the next day!

Last night we had a rare wildlife sighting in our backyard. A possum! I took a million pictures. I know, I know, it's not like it was a Bengal tiger or anything, but I had never seen one before so it was a bit of a novelty to me.

The skunks must have been out in full force last night. I woke up this morning and the whole place reeked! Must have floated in through the window...needless to say, I had the scented oils and candles going this morning to clear the air a bit.

Well, with Bunny at school, Ty snoozing and Keegs planted in front of his favourite movie, it is laundry day for me, so I guess I'll get to it. Pictures of Bun and Mr. (or Mrs., I didn't get THAT close) Possum to follow...

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