Thursday, January 05, 2006

13 Hours vs. 13 Minutes

13 HOURS: how long Ty cried for yesterday.
13 MINUTES: how long Ty slept yesterday.

Ah, the joy of teething. You've got to feel sorry for the little ones when they go through the hell of cutting new teeth. Little razors pushing their way through swollen gums. OUCH! Although, having recently been on the receiving end of his one VERY SHARP tooth while nursing, I have to say that the pain is not entirely one-sided. Wowsers! Hmm...time to wean, perhaps?

Phoenix is off on a 5 hour play date today. God bless that kid's mother, is all I have to say. Not only does her son have Phoenix over to play, but her other two kids have friends over as well. I guess she figured that it is better to get all of the play dates over in one shot, so she can collapse from nervous exhaustion until school starts on Monday. Petty, but, better her than me!

Made some steps toward cleaning the closet today. Took out all of my maternity clothes (gee, it's only been almost 8 months, so I guess it's about time), and ditched all of my early 90's workwear. Some charity is in for a heck of a lot of clothes. Now I know where all the hangers have been for the past year. Jeez. Now I just have the two closet shelves to attack, and I'll be done. Sort of. I still need to find some large rubbermaid containers to pack up all the mat. clothes for whoever needs them next in my circle of friends.

My next major project is the toy room. Disgustingly, we have 4 HUGE containers overflowing with toys. I plan to donate at least half of them. The trouble is, every toy I get rid of is suddenly one of the boys' favourite toy EVER and can't be ditched. So, I am waiting until Phoenix goes back to school, or I will enlist Mark to help me one night after the kids are asleep.

Sneaky, sneaky,sneaky...

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