Monday, January 30, 2006

Good Old Mr. Raditch

I have been happily reliving my childhood TV watching days...yes, I have rediscovered Degrassi Junior High. Is there any better show than that? I don't think so. I mean, when a Canadian show can have parts of episodes banned in the States, you know it's good.

Ah yes, I've missed you, Spike, and the trauma of your teen-pregnancy and your boyfriend who ditched you, did acid, and jumped off of a bridge and now has a lower IQ than your baby daughter. I've missed Lucy with her neglectful parents that drove her to shoplift, and poor Wheels whose parents were killed in a car crash and sent him off to try to live with his birth father who was only 16 years his senior...Caitlin with her bizarre peroxide streak in her hair, and her crusade for every cause going...Stephanie dressing like a hooker and winning the school election (all the way with Stephanie Kaye!)...Joey Jeramiah--love the hats! And the first shot of male butt nudity I had seen on TV...oh, I could go on and on. What an awesome show. Yay Degrassi!

The reason I wrote about it today, actually, is because I saw an episode where the English teacher, Mr. Raditch, was talking about an assignment in critical thinking...which led to flashbacks of a course of the same name that I took in university. The teacher's name was Billy Glassman, and had an unlimited number of shaker-knit sweaters, with matching knitted ties. He wasn't a bad teacher, actually, but all I seem to remember of his class (brutal wardrobe aside) was the fact that I was constantly both distracted and creeped out by the unnatural length of his fingers. It was bizarre. They were at least half again the length of a normal man's hands. (Shudder....) I remember leaning forward to whisper a comment about them in the ear of my friend Vince. He was taking a sip of Minute Maid orange soda at the time, and he burst out laughing and it shot through his nose. It was too funny. We both were asked to leave because we could not regain any semblance of calm after that.

And now that I think about, Vince was very careful to A: not drink in class anymore, and B: to sit far away from me...sorry buddy!

Today is my father-in-law's 70th birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! We had a dinner party for him here yesterday. He had a nice time I think. He especially enjoyed the cake I made for him, which was a world map with red dots showing all of the places he has travelled to. And there were a lot of them! Jeez, no moss grows on that guy. Happy trails, Papa.

Typical Monday around here. Laundry day, which meant the kids stayed in their pjs all day because all of their pants were in the wash. Dishes. Continued attempts at weaning (which is going NOWHERE! Tips are welcome!). Chatted on the phone with no less that 7 telemarketers, two of which actually spoke English. Spoke to Phoenix's teacher about a new program he's been accepted into (will go into detail tomorrow). More laundry. Yadda yadda yadda. Hope the week picks up. I am seriously dragging today...maybe I need a pedicure to perk me up or something...Hey Auntie Joanne, what are you doing tomorrow?

Call of the child, nope make that children....gotta jet. Adios, amigos!


Susan Dore said...

I've never watched Degrassi, but I'm sure your blog is much more entertaining! Sounds like your university days were too!

Shannon said...

Yeah, sounds like I learned a lot, eh?