Sunday, January 15, 2006

What A RIP OFF!!!

Kripes! What is this world coming to? My poor cousin goes out for a nice dinner with her family and comes home to a break-in. They took all of her and her daughter's jewellery, her camera and, of all things, her husband's hockey jerseys. What the hell?

I am lucky enough to say that we have never been victim to a home invasion, however, several of my relatives have, and the residual fear it instills in them breaks my heart. I mean, how can you feel safe in your home, knowing someone has been in there, going through your stuff?

A couple of months ago, this happened to one of my aunts. And a year or two before, to my husband's grandfather. And actually, our van was stolen several years ago as well, on Boxing Day. I guess as long as people have stuff, there are people out there just waiting to rip it off.

Bastards! I'm just glad that no one was hurt and no real damage done.

One the home front, we are very slowly creeping toward health. I emphasize the slowly. I think that things are on an upswing though, because Ty smiled today for the first time in five days. I assume that means he is feeling a little better. Poor guy has barely slept in a week, which means that I haven't either...quick tempers flaring all over our house the last few days.

God Bless my hubby, who went on a whirlwind cleaning frenzy today, and vacuumed and decluttered the place within an inch of its life. Good job, babe. I, and my exhausted soul, thank you from the bottom of my (cough, wheeze) heart.

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