Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hey! We're Being Good Parents!

Happy Wednesday everyone! No, I'm not this cheery. More like feeling slightly drugged to due severe lack of sleep. Tyger cried from 12:15 am to 4:10am this morning. I think I cried a bit in there too. He is sick with a horrible croupy cough, and has generously spread the virus to his mother. Keegan has it too. We are a miserable bunch around here today, with the exception of Phoenix, who shook off the cold in two days.

Went for the meeting at Phoenix's school with the resource team there. They basically told us that he has made a great improvement since his last assessment, and that everything we are doing for him at home is awesome. So nice to have someone validate your efforts. So, I ordered him some educational toys to help things along and he will be reassessed in March.

Phoenix & Keegan had their first swimming lesson last night (pictures to follow). They were so cute! Keegs was great; so enthusiastic! I thought he would freak out at the prospect of having to go into the water without Mark or I, but he was all for it. I'm glad that this is shaping up to be a favourable experience for them.

I'd like to take a moment to welcome Leanne back to the world of blogging; looking forward to your efforts.

Gotta run; want to actually drink my tea while it still retains an iota of warmth.


PS. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my nephew Hunter!!!! XOXOXO

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