Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sadistic? Or Typical?

Okay, maybe I'm a mean mommy, but sometimes, when my kids cry, I get the urge to laugh.

Oooooh. Okay, felt that dead silence. Don't get me wrong. I am not unsympathetic to their various woes, be it due to non-sharing of toys, stubbed toes, or teething pain. But...they just look so darned cute! Makes me want to run for the camera before administering hugs and band-aids.
But I don' stop dialing the social welfare numbers. I am a hug-and-kiss-first, tiny-smile-to-myself-later kind of mom.

That being said, onto other matters of no general concern.

Now that the new year is upon us, I have gotten off of my sizable butt (which I was about to blame on three pregnancies, but anyone who actually knows me, would say that this baby has always had back), and taken down the Christmas decorations. Yes, to the dismay of the children, I dismantled the tree, packed up the trimmings and stowed away the sugar-plum fairy visions until next December.

In a fit of apres-holiday need for space, I also did a overhaul of the dressers in the boys' rooms and mine and now, not only do I have three garbage bags of clothes for charity pick-up, I also have beautiful, if only temporarily, clean and tidy clothes drawers. I say temporarily, because I am a realist. I know that after the next laundry day, all my work will have gone to hell (I mean heck) as I stuff things away between calls of the child. Next stop, the closets. Sigh. Always a painful job, but it has to be done. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and realize that the next person to be wearing a size 6 will be your son, and not yourself.

And speaking of clothing sizes, I went on a Boxing Week Sale shopping spree (to replace all of the stuff I purged from the armoire) and picked up 7 pairs of pants (4 jeans, 2 casual, and one yoga), two polar fleece zips, 3 t-shirts, 3 tank tops, 3 long-sleeved shirts and a new pair of gloves. Sigh. Still no shoes. Part of my New Year's resolution---buy new shoes! Anyway, I digress. The point I am laboriously trying to make is this: have you ever seen an item of clothing in a store, think it looks so good, and then realize that this is because you are looking at the size 0? When you move up into human sizes, these items look like something you could put a sleeping bag in and go on vacation! Who are these size 0 people? And why are you still breathing? Does your diet consist of more than water and water-alternatives (ie, ice)? Because if you women are actually out there and are eating real food, I want your diet plan. Seriously.

I had lots more to share today, but this entry is getting long, and my back is getting sore, and frankly, it's past my bedtime. Night all, and I'll talk atcha later!

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