Monday, October 16, 2006


Kripes! It seems like we're always getting over sickness around here! This time it was Keegs that brought home an evil cold from school. He was sick as a dog all weekend, better today. Mark came down with it on Saturday night. Ty got it yesterday. And now, it seems like it's trying to invade my body as well. Phoenix (knock on wood) is still safe.

You know that feeling you get in your head like you are going to sneeze, and then you don't, so you have that permanent skew to your eye and a pain in your sinus cavity? That's me today. And seriously cold. The older boys are at school, at Ty just went for his nap, and I plan (in between loads of laundry) to curl up under a big comforter on the couch.

Kids are cute, aren't they? I just love the things they say sometimes, especially when they're been such little buggers that you want to give them away to the first taker, and then they say stuff like Keegs did this morning: "Give me a hug, Mommy!" (I did). "Oh Mommy! I love you so much! You're my best girl!" (Took me a while to get up after I melted into a pool of emotion on the front porch).

My one ray of optimism on this frosty, snot-infested morning, is that hopefully we will get these colds out of our system and will all be healthy for Hallowe'en. Every year, one of the kids has been sick. Last year, it was Ty with pneumonia. This year, I want happy, excited, non-hacking-3-pack-a day-kids. That's all I have to say about that.

My Dad just came back from Florida, were he was sunning himself for 2 weeks. Rude awakening with this weather, I tell you. The ground was covered in frost this morning! Brrr. Where's the Indian Summer?

Well, my hands are turning blue. I'm off to fold hot laundry in hopes of thawing them out. Have a healthy (aaaa-choooooooo!) day...sniff....cough...pathetic sigh...

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