Friday, October 27, 2006

Tyger Update (and other stuff)

Took Tiggs to the doctor this morning. He weighs 26 3/4 pounds, which is slightly above average for his age, so he IS gaining weight. Dr indicated that although he may be getting sufficient caloric content, his nutrient level probably sucks (to paraphrase). So, poor little Tyger had to have 4 vials of blood taken. I have to say, he was a trooper. The lab tech was calm and confident and got the job done in minimum time. So, I guess we'll hear about his various levels by mid next-week.

My doctor is a bit of a putz when it comes to suggestions, so if anyone reading out there has any ideas of how to get Ty to eat anything, please share!

In other matters, we got confirmation today that Keegs will be joining the Tues/Thurs class, so as of the first full week of November, he will be going to school 5 mornings a week, which is awesome, and not only for me! He will greatly benefit from the constancy of routine, and his resourse worker and teachers agree that the more the better, especially if they want to get him at SK level upon graduation.

Ty went to bed at 11:15. He is still sleeping at 2:31. He has not had lunch yet. His schedule is fubar-ed today!

Gotta go. Will update when I know more.

PS. Keep those legs crossed JuJu! Keep that baby in until Nov 16!

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