Tuesday, October 31, 2006

HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Hallowe'en to all you tricksters out there! Currently, it is raining here, and although the Weather Network calls for light rain this afternoon, this evening is supposed to be clear, so there is hope for decent trick or treating.

Phoenix is beside himself with excitement over the prospect of FINALLY being able to wear his Soundwave costume. All month I've been telling him not to touch it so that it is in one piece for him to wear today. I told him, after today, I don't care WHAT you do to it. And after a month, the glue-gun burns are just about healed.

On a separate note, I have contracted Mark's cold from hell. He's had it for two weeks now, with no sign of leaving. It is terrible. 30,000 tons of sinus pressure, never-ending nose blowing, and a cough that feels as though my lungs are being torn in two. What the hell? Has no one heard of the "Moms aren't allowed to be sick" rule? I should be immune!

And my hands hurt. Really, really, really, really bad. I look like I've been soaking them in battery acid. I'm taking vitamin E, and Omega 369, but nothing is helping. All of the prescription creams and ointments I've paid through the nose for aren't working. I finally talked my Dr into getting me an appointment with a dermatologist. Yeah, January 16, 2007 is my appointment. It's going to be a long, painful 2 1/2 months, especially when the cold chappy weather sets in. If someone has a miracle cure, I'd sure love to hear it!!! I should take a picture of them today and post it. It will go nicely with the holiday. Creepy, leprosy hands. Eww.................

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