Sunday, October 29, 2006

Living On Air

I'd like to thank my friends and family members who have e-mailed me about their own "child-lives-on-nothing-but-air" stories. As these kids are now several years older than Ty, and are healthy growing children, perhaps I shouldn't be so concerned.

My brother Tommy called me this morning to remind me about his son, Hunter, who lived pretty much on rice for three years, and is now happy, healthy and taller than me. Funny, I remember a craft at his school where they made a cornicopia for Thanksgiving and had to write inside what they were thankful for. All of the other kids were writing stuff like, my parents, my friends, my toys...Hunter wrote "I am thankful for rice."

So, I am hopeful now, that things are okay. I think that with Bun and Keegs bringing home new viruses every week from their respective schools, that Ty's immune system is just taking a beating. By the time he hits the school system, he will have an iron-clad immune system, and a perfect attendance record. (Cross fingers!)

The kiddies are quite excited about Hallowe'en. I hope the weather holds up. As long as it doesn't rain or snow, we're good. Mark's going out today to stock up on candy, and Keegs is dressing up in his Batman costume for his Hallowe'en party tomorrow.

Speaking of costumes, I had a bunch of craft foam, so I made a whack of superhero masks for the kids to play with. Keegan had on a retro-blue Batman one last night. He was running around with it on for about 40 minutes and got quite sweaty. Unfortunately, the sweat from his face reacted with the base dye in the foam, and his face is now hot pink, including all the the formerly white-blond hair around his forehead. I scrubbed that poor little guy within an inch of his life last night, and again this morning in the tub, and he's still pink. I told Mark that we'll just say it's windburn! Kripes! No way I'm wearing my Hawk-girl mask now! That's all I need is to walk around with a purple complexion! Always something around here.

Daylights savings time has arrived, and with it, the screwing up of sleep schedules. The kids don't know that the clocks are back an hour, so now when they get up at 6:00 am, the clock says 5:00 am and that makes me even more freaking tired! Wish there was a way to turn their internal clocks back an hour or two as well!

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