Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ode To A Glue Gun

Ode To A Glue Gun

Who needs a sewing machine
Or a bedazzler or same ilk?
I have a toy; it's really keen
Works on paper or raw silk

A hem came down? No worry!
School project with wooden sticks?
My toy will fix it in a hurry
It's how I get my kicks

I truly love my glue gun
It is what every crafter needs
And while getting burned is never fun,
At least my finger never bleeds!

One day I made a super-hero cape
The next day fixed the shade
It'll smooth the hair down on your nape
I tell you, I've got it made!

Oh glue gun you are quite a joy
With you, I have no excuses
When I bring out my triggered toy
It has so many uses!

So get yourself a glue gun now
Honestly, you won't be sorry
Present your projects with a bow
And tell your glue gun story!


Gee, that "ode" sounded a lot better when I composed it on my morning walk with Ty this morning. Oh well. Never said I was a poet...but really. Get a glue gun. I use it for everything. Tape? Who needs it? Thread? Needle? Who needs the hassle? Glue gun.

That's all I have to say about that.

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Susan Dore said...

You should add "poet" to your profile!