Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to my dearest hubby. As you are comotose in bed with the latest illness to infiltrate the household, I will celebrate by myself, and with your (unknowing) blessing, will shop on-line :)

Thank you to our parents, who remembered our day, and were thoughtful enough to send cards.

To my wedding party...hmmm...where are you? My matron of honour wished us happiness when I saw her a few weeks cousin...I know she's out there, being super mom like me! My sister-in-law...the ultra super friend Lucinda? Apparently has dropped off of the face of the earth since I haven't spoken to her in two years, and she never responds to any of my e-mails or letters. I hope you are doing well...

Mark's side? Best man...I don't know...falling out in the friendship by multiple brother Paul, still kickin' Fern? Just got a new job...congrats! Our coolest usher; Sandy? Where are you, girlfriend? Another one that moved with no forwarding address.

Strange how when we get married, we surround ourselves with people that are so important to us, and yet less than a decade later, 3 members of our wedding party are off of our social map. Sad. I miss them all...

On that cheery note! Just wanted to point out that Mark was clueless as to the significance of the day until I wished him a happy anniversary. Bastard! (Just kidding..sort of...). But he did remember that it is his mom's birthday tomorrow. At least there's hope. After all he's known her for 21 years longer than he's known me. Maybe by our 30th wedding anniversary, he'll remember today's date too!

Just another reason why I want our 10-year anniversary to mean: VACATION SOMEWHERE HOT WITH ALL-INCLUSIVE BAR!

Mark, all kidding aside, you are the love of my life. We have been together over 13 years, and married for nine of those years, and I adore you more every day. You have given me 3 beautiful boys, and the best in-laws one could hope for. Here's to many, many, many years more.



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